Meeting Hosts Thrive at The Roundtable

Lead a team meeting, host a discussion, or facilitate a connected and authentic gathering.


“What I love about it is that I’ve heard feedback from lots of folks who joined my roundtable that they love this new circle structure. It’s something very unique that I haven’t seen in other platforms.”

Features like you've never seen before

Meet in a circle.

At the roundtable on AllTakes, you have circle time whenever you meet. And just like people stay in their seats IRL, your seat at the roundtable remains the same.

Instant Breakout Rooms

Roundtable by Alltakes Add Room Breakout Rooms

By far the easiest way to create breakout rooms on the fly.

Custom Expressions

Unique expressions let you add a little heart and soul to every conversation.

Host fireside chats and panels

Fireside Chat and Panel modes. Keep it intimate with one person, or bring the whole squad up front and center. 

Raise hands

Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to ordered, easy hand raising. No more talking over one another; everyone gets a turn!


Sharing has never been easier! Share audio, video… the sky is the limit.

Create a safe and welcoming digital space where people can form genuine connections.

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