Everything you need to know to kick off your Business on AllTakes 🎉

Step 1: Set up your Business Page (storefront)

Think of your Business Page as a storefront, where people will be able to visit, learn more about you, and see all your offerings. Setting up a Business Page is the first step to making sure there is a convenient one-stop shop for everything you offer on AllTakes.

Create your AllTakes account

Get your Business Page built

Edit your Business Page

Step 2: Set up an Offering (community space)

An offering is where people can attend live sessions, check out resources, and engage in chat or video conversations with other participants in the offering. As a Coach, you may create an offering for a one-time session, a few-week-long course, a monthly support group, or anything that suits your offerings. Everyone who signs up and gains access to an offering will be able to see all content shared, attend live sessions, download past sessions’ recordings, and send chat messages.

Edit your first offering

Add an offering

Price your offering

Duplicate an offering

Add content to an offering

Add/delete offering’s managers

Delete an offering

Step 3: Set up a Session (live event)

A session is understood as a live event on AllTakes. Members of an offering will be able to attend all sessions hosted in it. When you add a session to an offering, its details will appear on the offering’s registration page for people to check out before they sign up. So if you plan to host live events in your offering, it’s a good idea to add these sessions in before sharing the offering link with others for registration.

Add your first session

Edit session details

Run Discovery Calls

Key features in the Roundtable

Step 4: Share your Offering

Now, it’s time to welcome people to your newly created offering, so they can sign up.

Share the link to your offering’s Registration Page

If you face any trouble in setting up anything, please email support@alltakes.com.


Step 1: Set up your Business Page (storefront)

Here is an example of a Business Page, with different offerings and sessions in each offering.

1. Create your AllTakes account

Create an AllTakes account here, with the email address that you will use to manage your business on AllTakes and be in communication with the AllTakes team. Click “Sign Up” and fill out your info to create an account: alltakes.com/auth/login.

2. Get your Business Page built

Please fill out this Typeform, so we can get your Business Page built: alltakes.typeform.com/business-page

If you need to include clarification or additional requests, please email support@alltakes.com.

3. Edit your Business Page

To edit your business’s name, description, or logo, select the menu under the description, then click Edit Business

To edit your bio and profile picture shown on your Business Page, click on your photo in the upper right corner and select Profile from the dropdown.


Please email support@alltakes.com if you need to make any of these changes (don’t worry, you will be able to edit these on your own soon):

  • Add/remove business owners (Guides)

  • Add/remove testimonials

  • Delete an offering

  • Delete your Business Page


Step 2: Set up an Offering (community space)

1. Edit your first Offering

When a Business Page is set up, you may notice that there is an unlisted offering on the Business Page. It's only shown to you until you mark it "Listed" from the offering’s Admin portal. It's there for you to edit details and make it ready to welcome members, or duplicate the offering to create new ones.

To edit any offering that you own, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the offering from your Business Page or under “Joined” on alltakes.com/marketplace

Step 2: Click “Admin”

Step 3: Here, you may (1) update the offering’s name, description, and image, (2) list/unlist it from the Business Page, (3) open/close it for registration, and (4) pricing for the offering.

2. Add an Offering

Ready to add a new offering to your AllTakes business? It’s easy. Create a new offering and edit it as needed.

Step 1: Be sure you’re on the Business Page and click “Add Offering” under the description of the business.

Step 2: From here, you’ll be able to set a name and a personalized URL for your offering.

Step 3: Click “Confirm” to create your new offering. Directions will appear on your screen, allowing you to edit, and directing you to your new offering.

3. Price your Offering

Start earning income on AllTakes by adding a price to your offerings. Here are instructions on how to manage pricing on your offerings:

Step 1: Log into AllTakes.com

Step 2: Navigate to the offering for which you’d like to manage pricing. You can do this by clicking on the offering under the “Joined” column on alltakes.com/marketplace

Step 3: Click Admin

Step 4: Toggle the button that says FREE to PAID

From here, you’ll be able to set the offering price and add any promotion codes that you’d like to offer your customers. To create a promo code, click Add promo code, enter the discount percentage, then click Generate code. You can then copy and paste the code to share with your audience who may be interested in signing up for the offering. They can enter it on the checkout page when they purchase your offering. 

Step 5: Click Save Details to make sure your price and/or promo codes are saved.

Now, your customers will see this new price when you share the registration page with them. 

4. Duplicate an Offering

To create a similar offering to an existing one, you can duplicate the existing offering.

Here are the instructions for how to duplicate an offering: 

Step 1: Locate the offering you would like to duplicate from your Business Page

Step 2: Tap the menu (three little dots) in the upper right corner of the offering and click Duplicate. Directions will appear on your screen, allowing you to edit, and directing you to your duplicated offering. 

5. Add content to an Offering space


Your content Library is a place for your offering’s members to access content related to your offering. It can be a place to share information about your sessions, add related documents, or serve as the content members are joining to get, like recipes or video recordings. 

You can upload a large variety of files including PDFs, links, videos, images, and audio, as well as remove them. Contents show with the most recently uploaded file first. If you record a live session from the Roundtable, the recording will be available in the Library right after you stop recording!



OneTakes are short, vertical videos that you may upload to your offerings to welcome members, introduce yourselves, share tips, tricks, announcements, or anything you’d like them to watch. These videos can be a great way to introduce your offering as well, since people will be able to click on “Preview” and watch them before signing up for the offering.


  • Announce new content uploads in the Chat to let your community know it’s available to them. 

6. Add/delete offering’s managers

Adding additional managers to one of your offerings is a great way to divvy up responsibilities or delegate work to your teammates. 

A manager has access to all the features in an offering that a coach/owner can access. Managers can add or edit scheduled sessions, upload or remove videos, add or edit content to the content library, and also add other managers. 

Below are instructions for how a coach can add or remove an additional manager to one of their offerings.

Step 1: Sign in to your AllTakes account and head to the offering for which you’d like to add or remove a manager. 

Step 2: Click on the Members menu item in the top right of the page. 


Step 3: From the Members page, find the avatar of the member for whom you’d like to add or remove as a manager. They will need to be a member of the offering in order to be a manager. 

Step 4: Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of their profile and click Add as Manager

A “Manager” badge will appear next to the name of the new manager once they’ve been added.

or Remove as Manager

Don’t worry, this is not a goodbye. Your former manager will stay in the offering as a member.

7. Delete an Offering

You may delete an offering either right on your Business Page, or inside the offering!


Step 3: Set up a Session (live event)

1. Add your first Session

To create a scheduled live session, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on the + button next to All Sessions

Step 2: Enter your session’s name, description, date, and time.

Step 3: Enter whether this is a one-time session or recurring weekly. If weekly, you can list how many weeks it should recur. 

Step 4: Click Save

You can also join an impromptu session at any time by clicking on Roundtable in the top right corner. Think of it as a meeting room that you and your members can walk in to chat at any time.


  • When you create or edit a session’s date and/or time, all members in your offering will receive an email notification about the update

2. Edit Session’s details

To edit a session’s details, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on All Sessions

Step 2: Locate the session on the monthly calendar, then click on the Edit button (shaped like a pen) next to its name

Step 3: Edit and click Save

3. Run Discovery Calls

For those times when you want to run a discovery call or a one-off meeting, we've got you covered. Every business has their own personal meeting room, apart from your sessions’ Roundtable. Meeting rooms allow you to have group and one-on-one meetings for anyone with your link.

Setting up your discover call

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to integrate Calendly for running Discovery Calls in AllTakes:

For a written step-by-step, follow these instructions:

Step 1: At the top of your business page, click “Set up Discovery Call.”


Step 2: Click “Manage Calendly” in the dropdown menu. You will need to create a Calendly account.

Step 3: Copy the link to your Private Meeting room in “Manage Calendly” on AllTakes and paste it to the location of your meeting.

*Note: You will need to choose the “Custom” option to add a link from AllTakes. To keep your meeting room more intimate, we recommend the “Display location only after confirmation” option.

Step 4: Copy your Calendly event link and paste it in “Manage Calendly” on AllTakes. Your Calendly events can be found under “Event Types”.


Share your meeting link directly

“Meeting Link” allows you to copy and share the link to your personal AllTakes meeting room directly with your client. When your clients join the meeting room, they will register on AllTakes and then receive a message that they’re waiting to be let into your room.

Entering your private meeting room

“Meeting Room” takes you to your personal AllTakes meeting room where you can host discovery calls, 1-on-1 meetings, or group meetings, without having to set up an offering space.

Admitting members

Step 1: When members are ready to join the meeting, you will automatically be sent a notification of who wants to join. You can allow or deny the member from there.

Step 2: You may have multiple members who are ready to join. Click “Invites” to see all the members.

Step 3: From the “Invites” list, you’ll be able to deny or allow access to members from the meeting.

*Note: When you join your meeting room, you’ll see all the video conferencing functionality that you see in normal AllTakes sessions, excluding the options to record. Chats will not be saved in meetings rooms.

4. Key features in the Roundtable

Chat: Where people send and read messages during a live session.

Woot: Confetti shower coming from you 🎉🎉🎉

Love: Little hearts coming from you đź’•đź’•đź’•

Raise: Raise your hand or check who’s raising their hand (a number will appear on someone’s tile to indicate this too!)

Rooms: Create, manage, and close breakout rooms (learn more here)

Mic: Mute/unmute your microphone

Cam: Turn on/off your camera

Share: Share screen or share audio only (learn more here)

Record: Record the live session (recording will be available in the offering’s content library)

Setup: Choose camera, microphone, and speaker devices; set blur background; see your network connectivity; check out Support docs

Leave: Leave the session, or if you’re in a breakout room, there’s an option to just leave the breakout room


Step 4: Share your Offering

Get the link to your offering’s Registration Page

Locate your offering on your Business Page, click on the 3-dot menu, and click Registration Link to view the Registration Page for your offering. Then, copy the link on your browser tab and share it with others!

If you have your offering open, say, alltakes.com/yourbusiness/youroffering, you may simply add /register to the end of that link to get to its Registration Page!

Put your links everywhere so that people know about your amazing offerings!


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