Community Builders Thrive at The Roundtable

  • Create an Authentic, Connected Space for Real Conversation  

  • Meet at the Roundtable for live sessions; Continue the conversation in Safe Private Spaces via Chat and Content Sharing 

  • Make these Spaces Free or Paid

Soma Biswas, Community Participant

I am a member of the “Leading Ladies Community” on AllTakes. I loved the Roundtable format; there’s something about the format, the coaching style, and the all-women group that creates a willingness to be vulnerable and a sense of intimacy and connectedness. I don’t experience that too often. 

Unique video conferencing tools increase engagement in your community.

Features like you’ve never seen before

Create and Manage Private Spaces

Each space is private and only accessible for members of the space. You control the guest list. 

Registration and Payments

Accept registrations for your private studios and get paid immediately.

Organized Content Sharing

Upload content to your studio’s content library and get organized with content folders. 

Private Chat

Enjoy a chat space in each studio where you can mention specific members, react and reply to messages, and send a single chat as an email blast to all members of the space. 

Create a safe and welcoming digital space where people can form genuine connections.

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