What’s New on AllTakes (May 1st, 2023)

Hair Check 

There's an updated stop for you to check your look 🪞💅  before joining the RoundTable. Click the Set Up button to ensure all your devices are set up correctly and apply visual effects. Click the Help Desk button if you are encountering issues or the support button to contact support. 


Private RoundTable Chats

All chats sent in every video meeting on AllTakes will be private for that video meeting and disappear after the session ends. Chats sent during all video sessions will not be visible after the meeting ends, regardless of whether it is a Discovery Call or a meeting from an offer space. 

Direct Links in the Content Library 

Coaches now have the ability to link directly to individual pieces of content in the content library. Simply click the three dots next to the content you would like to link directly, and click "Copy Link". 

You can then share this link to the individual piece of content. 

Pin Chat

You can now pin any chat message in AllTakes. To pin a chat, click the three dots next to the chat, and click "Pin Chat". 

Your pinned chat will display highlighted at the top of the chat screen.


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