A Place of Love and Energy

We live in a time when you can easily find all the information you need, connect with your friends across the world, share opinions, videos, photos, buy anything, meet people, and do all these things on devices that you can tuck in your pocket. These online services have made our lives so much easier. So why do we and the world around us often feel off-keel? 

While we don’t pay money for many of these online services, we pay a price by being shown streams of algorithmically targeted advertisements and content. We are tempted, by companies in relentless pursuit of growth, to consume more information and buy more products.  

The pandemic gave many of us pause and made us think about how we spend our time. People, more than ever, want to be intentional about their work, activities, and interactions.  They want work that is meaningful, activities that are aligned with their interests, and interactions that are positive. They want to be part of communities that support them on their life journeys. 

At the same time, a substantial gap exists between what people are seeking and the options currently available to meet those needs. That’s why we’re building AllTakes. AllTakes is designed to be a new type of destination – one that helps people find communities aligned with their values and passions, and activities that bring them purpose and joy, nourishing their whole being - minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. We support independent creators who want to share their skills and expertise and build safe, nurturing communities while building their businesses. 

AllTakes will be a different kind of place on the internet. A place of love and energy where people can learn, grow, and make authentic connections. We will share more with you soon!


The AllTakes Compass