Feature Releases, August 2023

August is coming to an end! *Cue Taylor Swift song*

It's the time of year that we are all getting our ducks in a row and what better way to do that than with some AllTakes feature updates?

Roundtable Tutorial

There's a new tutorial for the roundtable that you can explore; it's the best way to get prepared before you host a Roundtable! Added bonus that it's a ton of fun 😜 - check it out here!

Presentations in Mobile Landscape Mode

Go ahead and tilt your device to the side when you are on a mobile device and expand your view when someone is presenting. You can now enter full screen or keep your regular view at the roundtable!

Email and Calendar events link to the Roundtable

All calendar links for AllTakes roundtables and email reminders for an upcoming session will take your people directly to the roundtable - no more endless clicking to get to the meeting. That's a win! 

Have a great week and make this last bit of August count! 


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