Cater To Your Thousand True Fans

Our coaches and community builders have been asking for more ways they can cater to their true fans and clients. Since listening to our users is one of our core values, we decided to make that a reality with subscription offer spaces 🎉

We already have a helpdesk article available on the technical aspects of setting up subscriptions in AllTakes, but wanted to also write a quick post on how subscriptions can be used to increase connection with the most dedicated members of your audience.

Subscription spaces can be used to cater to your true fans in a way that makes them feel honored, seen, and valued. By nurturing the relationship with the folks who want more time with you, subscription spaces are a win-win for everyone involved. Here are some ways to use subscription spaces to drive engagement and community with your biggest supporters:

💡 Host Exclusive Roundtables and Office Hours

📸 Share Exclusive Content and Offer Early Previews

⌨️ Be Available to your Community In The Group Chat

These are just a few ideas to get the gears turning on how you can use subscription spaces for you, your clients, and your business’s benefit! Now get to it, you’ve got lives to change 😉


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